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Chinese nourishment of life tradition

1. Cultivating the mind and emotions
2. Regulating diet by paying attention to how, when and what we drink and eat
3. Cultivating the body by balancing the right kind of rest with the right kind of activity and exercise
4 Sleeping well and sufficiently.
5. Having a healthy and rewarding sex life
6. Enjoying nature, music, dance and art
7. Paying special attention to lifestyle during pregnancy and after childbirth
8. Caring for children wisely
8. Managing the aging process as well as possible

Peter Deadman – Live well -live long. Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Tradition.P.4

Lungcare in times of Coronavirus: A good palce to start our body
Peter Deadman, Qigong routine to strengthen the lung with


Eat your breakfast alone
share your lunch with a friend
and give your supper to your enemy

Jewish saying


How to eat is more important than what to eat
Peter Deadman – How to eat is more important than what to eat